We want to make it clear that we love beer!!  When we say we love beer we aren't talking about the crap that is served up by the major beer companies out there today.  We love trying new and exciting beers from all over the world.  We like to drink beer at temperatures other then freezing cold.  We love to cook with beer.  But most of all we love to drink it.  We hope that through reading our postings you will discover a new found love for everything beer.  Some of it might seem odd and foreign to you but trust us, if you follow our directions we will open a whole new world of beer to you palate and soul.

About The Barkeeps:

Thomas Walker-  I was once a boy who never thought I would grow to like beer.  It was just a beverage that my friends and I drank when we wanted to have a good time.  I thought it was one of the most disgusting drinks that had ever passed my lips.  This didn't change until I neared the end of my college career, around the same time that I got a job that afforded me a little extra money.  I discovered the amazing world of micro brews.  After I tried my first one, a delicious Victory Storm King Russian Imperial Stout, I knew that I was hooked.

From that time on it has been my purpose to try as many different beers from as many different places as possible.  Every city that I visit I try as many local brews as possible.  When I'm not traveling, much to the bane of my wife, I like to go to shops like total wine and spend hours perusing the beer isle making 6 pack after 6 pack of craft beer from all over.  Now I thought it was time that I turned my beer knowledge over to others so that they might enjoy this wonderful experience with me.  I hope you enjoy drinking up these posts as much as I love pouring them out.

Ben Cranford- I like to say that I was raised in the religion of good beer.  My craft beer education started what I used to steal beer from my dad (sorry pop).  He always seemed to have some Yuengling and Sam Adams around. When I turned 21 my Dad and Sister gave me two mixed 6 packs of craft beer.  From there my obsession only got worse.  I now have a small beer cellar that seems to grow faster than it should, I home-brew, and I am constantly looking up more and new information on craft beer, home-brew, and just about any other nerdy information on beer that I can get my hands on. I generally prefer a hands on approach to my beer....I make my own, so when I try a commercial beer I am most interested in the way its made.