Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Beer

Now that it is finally spring, although it has felt like this for most of the winter, it is time to pick my new spring beer. The honor goes to Dig Pale Ale by New Belgium Brewing Company. I know that this might not be new beer to some of you out there . . .those of you lucky enough to have had New Belgium beers sold in your area for more then just the last year. I have to give credit where credit is due because I didn't even buy this beer for myself. My amazing wife picked it up for me on a grocery trip because, besides being gorgeous and amazing, she knows that I like trying new beers.

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to think about it when reading about this beer. According to New Belgium's website Dig contains five separate types of hops: Target, Nelson Sauvin, Cascade, Nugget and Sorachi Ace. The flavors that these impart on Dig are:
Target: Used to add a bitter flavor.
Nelson Sauvin: Brings tropical tastes such as lychee and mango.
Cascade: Adds both a floral and citrus smell and taste, with the main citrus being grapefruit.
Nugget: Adds bitterness as well as a floral-spicy aroma.
Sorachi Ace: And finally . . . .another bitter hop, but this one with a very lemony quality.

Now I have had my fair share of hop filled beers . . . but five sound like a little much. I was worried I was going to be left with an overly bitter and floral beer that would simply overwhelm my palate. Boy was I wrong. It was hoppy, but not in a bad way at all.

Upon opening dig I got a instant whiff of grapefruit from the cascade hops. This to me is the strongest scent and taste in Dig. Once you get past the grapefruit, especially once the beer has a chance to warm a little bit in a glass (I always drink beer from a glass when possible), the floral scents start to play a larger role.

After having it just once I knew that I wouldn't be able to stop. This seems to me to be the perfect beer for a nice spring afternoon after either mowing the lawn, working in the garden, or just relaxing on the deck. It pairs very well with some grilled pork chops that have been in a citrus and cilantro marinade and a side or sweet grilled corn. I can see Dig being a staple in my beer supply for not only the spring but well into the summer months. So if you like a nice hoppy beer, but with a ton of flavor, go grab a 6 pack of New Belgium Dig. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know how you like it as well as what kind of tastes and scents you pick up.

May you beer journeys be good and long.



  1. Would you say that this is an ale for people like me, who are not big fans of really hoppy beer? Also, I hope that you're also planning to review some nice golden or amber lagers, as a lot of the focus of micro brews lately seems to be on pale ales.


    1. I would say that you would like Dig. Don't get me wrong . .it is a hoppy beer. But it is not to the level of bitterness of an IPA. It has just enough of that bitter flavor to be thirst quenching that I find lacking in a more malty amber or lager, not that I don't enjoy drinking those as well.

      Of course I will review some golden and amber lagers!! Do you have any suggestions? Any chance to drink some new beers and to get them out to the readers is welcome.

    2. Also all New Belgium Beers are vegan friendly.

  2. That's good to know! If I come across any good lagers I will let you know. I'm always curious about anything that Great Lakes Brewing Company has to offer, so if you come across any of those, especially the ones that they only offer on draft, or for limited times, I would be interested in hearing about those. Keep up the good work!